When you read a poem read it slowly,

read it out loud in your head,

read it multiple times,

read it with different voices, have fun with it.

And feel how the poem speaks to you.


___ Julia D.C.



In the magical hours of sleep, I search for peace of mind,

I try to fill my eternal thirst for balance,  I’m looking for new stimuli,

I’m longing for answers, my soul is yearning for manifestations.

And still, a tormented indecision wears me down.

This is what the dissatisfaction of an eternal curiousity feels like.


___ Julia D.C.



The sound of pressing the keys on this keyboard is a reassuring sound, continuous, present and distinguishable from any other.

Through this somewhat frenetic ticking, my being is activated, my mind begins to create dreamy worlds and magical spaces that did not exist before. My body is pervaded by excitement and it finally becomes an active living body fulfilling its purpose.


___ Julia D.C.



There’s a constant war inside my mind.

A half of me wants to figure out how this mistery called life really works,

reading as much as possible, questioning the accurancy of my own senses, diving deep into science an ancient history like there’s no tomorrow.

The other half would love to just have fun and take advantage of this world as it is without examining every single detail.


___ Julie D.C.



Opening the box of memories can cause you mental disorder, melancholy, regrets… but also, joy, if you have diligently collected your photographs, letters and postcards you will discover yourself looking back at a past that represented you, but that you do not miss. And I hope you don’t miss it.


Otherwise you made a big mistake.


___ Julia D.C.


Lookin up to these infinite skies…

my mind is no more filled with lies.

Now I’ve regained  my soul,

And made with my weakness a strong bond

Look at the spark in my eye!

There’s no need to reply.

My garden’s gonna be blessed with rain,

I’m no more tied to pain.


___ Julia D.C.


What if…

starting tomorrow,

Nobody shows up at the office,

You don’t take your kids to school,

Soldiers deny their masters,

Hackers make all the money disappear,

We all refuse to take part in this madness.

The system would shut down.

And maybe, another one could be born.

A better one.

What if….


___ Julia D.C.




Body painting technique


Loss of blood,

symbolic death,

it’s a bewitching song,

it’s a sax solo,

it’s something venerably perfect,

something that does not belong to us.

Art is a transcendental gift.


___ Julia D.C.


Love is just like nature.

It can be

incredibly powerful,



scary and mysterious

…all at the same time.


___ Julia D.C.


How would you be


all the things you have

all the words you know

all the songs you’ve heard

all the characters you’ve played

Free or Lost?


___ Julia D.C.


Tell me …

How can you love yourself

when you deny parts of you?

jealousy, anger, sadness, indulgence


Acknowledge the emotion,

see it,

feel it,

but don’t

let it become



___ Julia D.C.


There is no such thing as being too old to start doing what you love, specially if you are into arts: music, painting, writing….

It’s not like you come with an expiring date, and after you hit a certain age you are “over”, in fact… I believe it’s quite the contrary.

The more you age and the more your craft is perfected, your ability gets better and you are wiser over all.

Some of the most succesfull artists did their masterpieces later in life.

Don’t fall into society’s traps.

Keep doing your thing.

Live your life and forget your age.



___ Julia D.C.


During my long and troubled journey

seeking my truth

I noticed that,

a lot of spiritual practices

are teaching you

how to become

your higher self.

There’s nothing to become

you already are,

you already are,

you already are …


___ Julia D.C.



I know,

it takes courage to be yourself fully but,

the more you do it

the more the right people will show up.

And I promise you,

everything will fall into place.



___ Julia D.C.



Truth is

we don’t have the answers. Science does not have all the answers.

Religion does not have all the answers. And even if they did, you think they would share them with us?

The trick is not to take things too seriously.

It’s okay to study and read, but don’t get too obsessed because in the end life is a game. The information we need is already within us.

The most important thing in the end is to love nature. This would be my religion if I had to choose one. Nature as a whole. Love animals. Love human beings. Love music, because music exists in nature.

Love silence.



___ Julia D.C.


You know,

names and languages can change

but symbols remain the same


the door is near

please my dear, no fear

remove your blocks

you’re closer and closer

to cracking open Pandora’ s box.

Feeling disoriented and lightheaded?

That’s because

your programming is being deleted.


You’re on your way to enlightment.



___ Julia D.C.